A safe respite for women and their children

We foster a community where every woman and child can find their strength, reclaim their rights, and contribute to lasting change.

Our Vision

As a result of an increased awareness and our work at prevention, there is a significant reduction in (and ultimately the elimination of) all forms of abuse.

We believe each individual has the right to

  • live in a nonviolent environment;
  • raise children in a nonviolent environment;
  • freedom from abuse and the fear of abuse;
  • expression free from control and isolation;                                                                         
  • pursue personal growth and the development of individual talents and abilities;
  • adequate services for children who have been harmed by a violent home environment;
  • be empowered so that autonomous choices can be made;
  • be treated in a non-judgmental, validating manner; and
  • receive help in gaining personal insight and making positive decisions for the future.

Our Mandate

Saskatoon Interval House provides an immediate safe, respectful environment for women, those who primarily identify as female and their children experiencing domestic violence, as well as a full range of transition services.

We provide


Safe, secure emergency accommodations for women and children in our 10 room house in Saskatoon for up to 30 days.



Our dedicated team of experts provides in-house counselling for women and their children transitioning from domestic violence scenarios. 



When necessary, we connect women with specialist agencies.


We will provide support and guidance for women who need help navigating outside agencies.



After the initial 30 days in our emergency shelter, women can transition to Adelle House for up to one year. Adelle House is a twelve unit apartment building that provides a safe, enriched community for women and children. Adelle House offers gated secure housing, weekly group counselling, childcare, and staff support from Monday to Friday. 

Interval house is a member of PATHS – the Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services of Saskatchewan. PATHS is the member association for agencies that provide intimate partner violence services across Saskatchewan. PATHS Members are women’s shelters (also known as domestic violence shelters, safe shelters, transition houses, or interval houses), second stage shelters, and counselling centres that offer counselling and support to survivors of IPV.

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