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2019-2020 Executive Director Report

This year marks the 47th year of service for Interval House. Each year I have the privilege of working with incredible people. We strive to end domestic violence and bring awareness to this ongoing issue.

The staff, board of directors, funders and community make up the core of our organization. This year we rallied together to make a difference in the lives of 141 women and 159 children within the shelter. We also supported numerous others through outreach services.

Near the end of our fiscal year, we went through some unchartered waters. The COVID-19 pandemic hit our world with full force. This was particularly troublesome for our families in crisis; financial and emotional stress along with isolation, led to some very unsafe home environments. Fortunately, our community came together and we persevered. 

We were met with many challenges, but our community was there; they reached out and supplied us with food, PPE equipment, hand sanitizer, masks, and even monetary donations. It was because of this generosity and the guidance of the Ministry of Justice, PATHS and Women’s Shelters Canada, we were able to continue our work and overcome these challenges.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your unwavering support. We are forever grateful.


Tanya Wiggins

Executive Director