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2018-2019—Executive Director Report

I have had the pleasure of working where many wonderful women and their children live, this is their home if only for a brief moment but a home nonetheless. Behind every door laughter can be heard followed by moments of sadness and heartbreak. Behind every door there are challenges and triumphs, problems and solutions and our door is no different. The house at times is so full of life it borders on giddiness full of possibilities of a brighter future. Then there are times when the collective pain and sadness in the house is almost stifling. That being said, like every household we find our rhythm, with our purpose guiding us we continue to navigate the ups and downs of our day to day because our mission is important.

We find our rhythm in the amazing work of the Women’s Program, Children’s Program and the Adelle House Program, they continue to amaze me with their knowledge, compassion and understanding. I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Board Members for volunteering their time by supporting myself, staff and the organization, we eagerly look to the future and the amazing possibilities our continued collaboration brings.

Our success as an non-profit organization depends largely on the generous support of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice, United Way of Saskatoon and Area and countless other corporate and individual donations. I would like to extend my personal gratitude to The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation and Saskatoon Hadassah Wizo and Congregational Agudas Israel Jewish Silver Spoon Diner for continuing to make Saskatoon Interval House their “Charity of Choice” as well as a very special thank you to Saskatchewan RUSH and their fans for the amazing $50, 000.00 donation received this year.

Tanya Wiggins