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Executive Director’s Report 2017-2018

2018 marks 44 years of service for Saskatoon Interval House. I am in awe of the community support we still receive after all this time. Thank you so much for recognizing the very important work we do and the impact we have on so many amazingly strong women and children.

I cannot believe how quickly another year has gone by. We have been so fortunate to be able to walk alongside so many women and their children as they take on their journeys and become the authors of their own stories. It is really something to watch when they take their power back and create a beautiful life all of their own.

We would not be able to accompany them on this journey and support them if it weren’t for the fabulous staff and Board of Directors that makes up the Saskatoon Interval House Family. I am so incredibly grateful to look to them for guidance and support. I know I can rely on them to fully care for and assist our clients with whatever their needs are. If we are unable to assist them with a specific road block, we will find someone that can. Thank you all for your huge hearts and dedication to end all forms of violence in our community, our country and our nation.

Saskatoon Interval House is a member agency to both the Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services in Saskatchewan (PATHS) as well as the Women’s Shelters Canada. Through these relationships, Saskatoon Interval House has supported their mission and vision. This past year I am proud to say there has been some much-needed attention to the topic of Domestic Violence. As a result, women are now able to break a lease when it is no longer safe to reside in their home, they are eligible for 10 days unpaid leave from work in order to access support/services or attend court dates, and finally there have been significant changes to the Domestic Violence Law.

 PATHS is an advocate for a Provincial Action Plan on Violence Against Women, something that is desperately needed in Saskatchewan as we have the highest rate of family violence among the provinces. Women’s Shelters Canada started a petition calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to commit to a National Action Plan on Violence against Women. With the amazing work of these Associations as well as support from the membership agencies and people like you, I have no doubt we will continue to take the necessary steps needed to end violence against women and children.

In order to take these steps, we are in need of assistance from our community and surrounding areas; the following are a few of the organizations that have offered such support; The Silver Spoon Dinner Commitee, Royal Lepage , Giftfunds Canada, Saskatoon Community Foundation, University of Saskatchewan, Our Lady of the Prairie, Flaman Fitness and many more.

Domestic Violence is non-denominational and so is the support we receive. Religious communities give both monetary and non-monetary donations throughout the year. We are so incredibly grateful for everything you do.

Leaving a domestic violent situation is never easy and it can be very terrifying and dangerous, but you all make the ladies and children feel like they can do anything with you standing beside them. We all deserve happiness, to feel safe, and to BE safe. I thank you all for your support!