Mission Statement

To provide a short-term safe and supportive environment for women with or without children leaving abusive relationships and to work toward the elimination of all forms of abuse including physical, emotional, psychological and sexual.

Statement of Values

Saskatoon Interval House believes in providing a safe, respectful environment for women and their children experiencing domestic violence.


To educate women and their children through our professional services to achieve a violence-free lifestyle with client centered services, education services, accountability, co-ordination and integration.

We believe in the rights of abused women which we deem to be:

  • the right to live and raise children in a nonviolent environment;
  • the right to freedom from abuse and the fear of abuse;
  • the right to expression free from control and isolation;                                                                        
  • the right to pursue personal growth and the development of individual talents and abilities;
  • the right to request and receive appropriate assistance from society’s institutions;
  • the right to adequate services for children who have been harmed by a violent home environment;
  • the right to be empowered so that autonomous choices can be made;
  • the right to be treated in a non-judgmental, validating manner; and
  • the right to all information that is available which might help in gaining personal insight and in making positive decisions for the future.