A Guide to staying at Interval House

Saskatoon Interval House is a shelter for women and their children fleeing abuse.  We offer a safe, caring home, counselling and support for you as you heal and plan for the future.

We believe that everyone deserves to live a life free from violence.

During your stay you can expect:

  • That you and your children’s safety is the most important issue
  • That the counsellor will explain confidentiality
  • That you will be given guidelines to living within the shelter
  • That you will be given opportunities that promote positive self-worth
  • That your cultural beliefs and practices are affirmed and respected
  • That the counsellors are here to help you understand your experience of violence and abuse
  • That the counsellors will help you to look at options and help you make informed choices
  • That the counsellors will discuss with you the effects that domestic violence may have on your children

During your stay, we will provide mandatory groups relevant to domestic violence – you can expect:

  • That your input and participation is encouraged and respected
  • That you will be introduced to outside agency domestic violence groups
  • That you will be given opportunities to identify your strengths, coping skills and personal resources

Staff at the Shelter Provide:

  • One-on one counselling for you and your children
  • Help to find safe, affordable housing
  • Help to establish a safety plan
  • Rides to appointment if required
  • Referrals to community resources
  • Family-based activities and celebrations
  • Rides to school

Our expectations of residents of Interval House

Respect for all – confidentiality, residents, children, staff and the house curfew